Packing List for Team


Checklist for Team Members

*Please check with your airline for current limits on luggage. Most teams allot one suitcase per team member for personal and one for donations and ministry supplies.


Please do not bring tight or revealing clothing. We encourage modesty in all clothing as an example in the children's home and a good testimony to the community. Clothes can be washed on site for a minimal charge.

The temperature doesn't change dramatically with the 'seasons.'. The main seasons are dry (November - April) and rainy (May - October). During the rainy season, it is bound to rain at least once a day, usually in the afternoon or evening. In general, it is HOT in the daytime; the sun is especially strong in Guatemala. It cools off a bit in the shade and in the evenings. In late December and early January, it can get chilly enough for a light jacket or sweater in the evenings.

Personal Items



Due to the customs of the local people, we ask that (if possible) tattoos be covered while in the country. Men should not wear earrings. No body piercing other than ears should be able to be seen. Note: Tattoos are viewed as gang-related, and on persons involved in drugs and violence. There is somewhat of an awareness that they are more acceptable in North America, however, we should respect the culture as best as we can.


If you are on any medications, bring supply for the entire time that you will be here. You may not be able to get exactly what you need here. If you have allergies, please bring appropriate medication.


Non-christian music can not be played while or property or in Monjas. We recommend using headphones for any questionable music. However, we caution you against letting headphones keep you from interacting with other team members or local to whom you are ministering.

Reading Material

Bible, of course. If you are bi-lingual, it would be good to have a Spanish/English Bible. Devotional books, Spanish/English dictionary, journal.