Many of our children come to us malnourished and/or hungry. They need a balanced diet, including a good source of protein. Our chickens provide our children with eggs and meat on a daily basis and they are a core part of t...



Guatemala has the lowest literacy rate in Central America. Additionally, only 30% of people graduate from 6th grade. We believe education can change lives and open the doors to brighter futures. For $75, you can help a chi...

Empower a Redeemed Woman


Our Redeemed Women's Empowerment program is helping widows and single mothers and launching them into independence. For $150, you can provide all the women in our program classes on parenting, financial management, health ...

Energy for a Day


For $35 you can provide energy and water for an entire day to the children and staff of James Project of Latin America. 

Food for a Day


For $150, you can provide 3 meals and 2 snacks to all of the children we serve and their house families for 1 day. That means you are providing a full day's worth of nutrient dense food for approximately 100 people (300 me...

Fruit Tree


Avocado trees (and other fruit trees) provide so many necessary vitamins and benefits to our children. For $40, you can provide these amazing benefits to the children at James Project of Latin America.



Goats are a wonderful source of milk and calcium for our malnourished children. As we grow our sustainability program, we need more high-milk producing goats. This gift will provide nutrition, and tons of fun, to the kids ...

Justice for our Children


Our children deserve justice and representation for all that they've been through. As they attend their required court appearances, our social workers fight to make sure that their voices are heard and good decisions are m...

Mental Health Care


Our children have experienced unspeakable traumas. At JPLA, we provide holistic care to help them on their road to health and happiness. Each appointment with our psychologist costs approximately $25. This gift will help a...

Pair of Shoes


With 70 children living on the JPLA campus, we go through a lot of shoes. For $20, you can provide a child with a durable pair of tennis shoes or school shoes to get through the day. 

Plant a Manzana of Corn or Beans


Invest in the food production and self-sustainability of JPLA. Your $400 gift will plant an entire manzana of beans or corn for the children in Monjas. 

Preschool/Early Education


Through our preschool program, we are providing our precious children access to early education and instilling a love of learning from a young age. For only $35, we provide a day's worth of fun-filled activities to all the...