Start a 30/30 Campaign - Find 30 people to participate in a fundraising project. The 30 people can come from anywhere - your missions team, work, school, small group, or church. Have each of these people find 30 more people to donate $30 to care for the children at Shadow of His Wings Orphanage. Set a goal to raise this money in one month.

20/20 Campaign - $8,000
25/25 Campaign - $15,625
30/30 Campaign - $27,000

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Host a James Project of Latin America Experience Party - Invite friends, neighbors, and/or family for hors d'oeuvres or a sit-down dinner, show the Testimony video, and request donations for the items from the Gift Catalog.

Have a Garage Sale - Hold a family, neighborhood, church, school or classroom garage sale. Advertise that the proceeds will go to care for the children at Shadow of His Wings Orphanage in Guatemala.

Start a Change Drive - As a class or workplace, commit to filling a large container with change.

Hold a Promises Auction - Let people bid for the chance to have somebody else mow the lawn, do those DIY jobs, cook dinner, or clean the house. Use the proceeds to support the work in Monjas.

Host a Barbecue - Grill hotdogs and hamburgers, provide cold drinks, and turn up the music for a great summer event. For extra funding options, include a volleyball tournament where the teams pay an entry fee.

"Flock" a Friend - Create several scarecrows or dummies and "flock" your friends for donations. You'l need to put them in a friend's yard with instructions on how to donate and who to contact to pick them up. Make sure you ask for another person to "flock".

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