Shadow of His Wings

Shadow of His Wings is provides homes to children from a variety of backgrounds - including physical and sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, human trafficking, and/or the loss of both parents. Our goal is to raise these children in a way that they can find peace and experience the healing love of Jesus Christ. 

What Makes Us Unique:

  1. Our children live in family units, with Christian parents. The boys and girls at Shadow of His Wings live in family units with Guatemalan couples and their biological children, plus up to 12 children from the Home (following the model of Christ and His 12 disciples). This gives our children the experience of being part of a loving family - sometimes the first time in their lives! 

  2. Our transition program. Having seen the need for our kids to gain more real world experiences, we started our transition program for kids 17 and up in February of 2011. The young ladies at Casa Magdalena live in the town of Monjas, help manage their own family budget, do their own shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc. and have much more freedom to be out in the community and make outside friends. 

  3. Our focus on changing the world for Christ. One of the things that surprises people is that our kids, coming from many desperate situations, actively go out into the community to minister to others. Our goal at the James Project is to raise up children who will reach their world for Christ. These children may grow up to be spouses, parents, missionaries, teachers, doctors, lawyers, or whatever else God calls them to, but the family experience they have at Shadow of His Wings will influence them to live their lives for Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit and therefore change their worlds for Christ! 

Interesting Facts

  • Each one of our 7 homes is named after a person in the Bible.

  • We are one of the few accredited homes in Guatemala.

  • We opened our first boy's home in 2014.

  • We accept children from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Belize.



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Alejandro is the child of House Parents Ottmar and Carolina of Casa David. He would love to become a Agronomist someday! His favorite foods are Churrasco (Beef). He loves to play soccer.

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